About Sportsman’s Quest

Sportsman’s Quest, the book, will take you to places you remember, and places you dream of going. It’s not a journal or biography; Dan Simmons is a gifted storyteller who writes of extraordinary people. The backdrop is hunting and fishing adventures, but you will meet extraordinary people who you will get to know on a first-name basis. There is Genoval, an Amazon native who was raised in the jungle but became the well-known river pilot of the Amazon Queen. You will meet Chris Klineb_urger, who is a pioneer in exploring and opening new hunting regions, introducing the world to international hunting as we know it today- He was the first. There is “Buck” Bedard, a Marine Corp. General who, along with his sons, is a passionate conservationist and sportsman, or the lady librarian who has an extraordinary passion for bow hunting. They and many other friends are exceptional individuals; you will join them, as they hunt/ fish and explore not only the world, but what it means to share in man’s heritage and traditions. They also share with you many of their favorite wild game recipes which they’ve enjoyed around the campfire and in the kitchen – enjoy!

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