Southern Nevada Weekend Freshwater Fishing Adventures

I’m often asked by newcomers to Southern Nevada, “Where’s a good place to go fishing?” My inclination is to say Alaska, Canada or Argentina or Brazil’s Amazon, but my routine answer is San Diego’s H&M Landing for salt water and Lake Mead, Pyramid Lake and Southern Utah for trout. All make excellent weekend fishing adventures. … Read more

The Legends of the Lake

by Dan Simmons – Nevada has always been the land of legends, mysteries, and adventures. When it comes to fishing it’s no different, as I discovered at Pyramid Lake, a short distance north of Reno, Nevada. I found the glory hole for Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. They are abundant with reports of twenty pounders being landed. … Read more

Return to the Amazon

by Dan Simmons – In the Wake of Roosevelt and Walking in the Tracks of the Jaguar This all started when I received a call from my friend Phil Marsteller. He owned and operated Amazon Tours Lodge, which was the original and premium Peacock Bass fishing destination on the Amazon’s Rio Negro River. Phil was … Read more

Sailfishing at its Best

by Dan Simmons – “Sailfish,” was the cry that brought the fisherman and crew alive. “Where?” “There, following the boat.” “Get ready,” the guide instructed, as I snapped on the fishing belt. It took the bait and I waited, as the fish ran stripping line. “Now,” came the command to put the reel in gear. … Read more

The Halibut That Caught Me

The Halibut

by Dan Simmons – There are few things I like more than bottom fishing off the coast of Alaska and British Columbia, Canada. You never know what you’ll bring up.  It might be a red snapper, cod, halibut, or salmon; they all find it hard to pass up a slice of herring suspended a few … Read more

Big Fish, Blue Water

The Big Fish

by Dan Simmons – This is a story of a really big fish, travel and luck, as are all good fish stories.  It begins in the small fishing village of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, an easy four-hour flight from Houston, Texas. I was there to visit friends, get caught up on some writing, and … Read more