One Tough Grandma

by Dan Simmons – Violet Simmons finally drew a California Sheep tag in Northern, Nevada and allowed me to accompany her as camp cook. It all started twenty-three years ago; that’s when she first started applying for the coveted tag.  You can imagine, then, that she was a little excited when she got the news … Read more

Tradition Lives on a Georgia Plantation Hunt

by Dan Simmons – Stump holes, tangles, and briar patches It was an afternoon of dogs coursing and pointing, hunters shooting and occasionally a bird falling.  I’ve done a fair bit of dove, western quail, and pheasant hunting, but these coveys of Bobwhite Quail bust from the bush at warp speed and thunder in all … Read more

The Halibut That Caught Me

The Halibut

by Dan Simmons – There are few things I like more than bottom fishing off the coast of Alaska and British Columbia, Canada. You never know what you’ll bring up.  It might be a red snapper, cod, halibut, or salmon; they all find it hard to pass up a slice of herring suspended a few … Read more

The Longstreet Posse – A Family Affair

by Dan Simmons – The opening day of dove season was one of the best I’ve seen in years.  The population’s numbers are up, small pools of rainwater were still available and the weather cooperated. This year’s trip really started last June in the High Sierras, while at Andy Oldfield’s Boulder Lodge, on June Lake.  … Read more

Big Fish, Blue Water

The Big Fish

by Dan Simmons – This is a story of a really big fish, travel and luck, as are all good fish stories.  It begins in the small fishing village of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, an easy four-hour flight from Houston, Texas. I was there to visit friends, get caught up on some writing, and … Read more

The Adventures with My Pal

by Dan Simmons – If you’ve been reading this column for a while (18 years, it’s hard to believe) then you know I like to hunt, fish, and travel. I have one “Pal” that’s been with me for more than thirty years.  A relationship like that, or any relationship for that matter, requires dependability, predictability, … Read more

The River that’s Never Been Run

by Dan Simmons – This is the story of a river, the hunt for a great mountain goat, and a true wilderness adventure. The river is the Stikine, one of the last of North America’s wild rivers.  It runs from the high Spatsizi plateau in north-central British Columbia to the coast and the Pacific at … Read more