The Art of the Hunt

by Dan Simmons –  Our recent experiences with Covid have caused many disruptions in public events and travel. Outdoor Conventions and banquets are no exception, but the conventions and banquets are back and scheduled for 2022. I look forward to visiting with old friends and making new ones this year.      I feel fortunate that I’ve … Read more

The Adventures with My Pal

by Dan Simmons – If you’ve been reading this column for a while (18 years, it’s hard to believe) then you know I like to hunt, fish, and travel. I have one “Pal” that’s been with me for more than thirty years.  A relationship like that, or any relationship for that matter, requires dependability, predictability, … Read more

The River that’s Never Been Run

by Dan Simmons – This is the story of a river, the hunt for a great mountain goat, and a true wilderness adventure. The river is the Stikine, one of the last of North America’s wild rivers.  It runs from the high Spatsizi plateau in north-central British Columbia to the coast and the Pacific at … Read more